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Disable SetupType if files don't exist

I'd like to have the installer check whether the SQL prerequisite file exists where we expect it to be, and if it doesn't to disable the ability to select the SetupType which would install SQL.

I tried to create a System Search which looks for the file named "SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe" in "A full path: [SETUPEXEDIR]ISSetupPrerequisites\{1C9DEF39-381E-4839-B979-3D98F82C0669}" with "Maximum number of subfolders to search" I've tried both 0 and 1. It then should save to the FILEEXISTS_TEST property (which doesn't exist in the Properties list, I expect it to create the property if it doesn't exist). Just to verify it works, on the InstallWelcome dialog I added a text "FILEEXISTS_TEST = [FILEEXISTS_TEST]" but when I build and then run setup.exe with that file present, the [FILEEXISTS_TEST] property doesn't display anything in the InstallWelcome dialog. What am I missing or doing wrong?

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