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Digital Signing or ??

I have a windows application (msi) installer built in IS2019 R3. I am looking for guidance in how to best avoid virus warnings, etc. when the end-user starts the installer .exe. Is a Verisign .pfx the best way to go? Are there other options? Thank you.

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Hi @DCook91,

Now Verisign and Symantec are part of Digicert,

So, ensure to sign the Setup installer and its pay loads to prove the identity where it is coming from, so that the executable installer will be trusted to the system, and ensure to renew the certificate in every year.  


Thank you for your reply. It is not clear to me how to obtain a .pfx certificate file though. I did not see any information on Digicert's website as it seems to be exclusively dedicated to SSL certs for web site. Please advise where specifically to obtain this .pfx certificate file.


Thank you.

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Revenera Moderator

There appears to the information you require on the Digicert website here:

Hope this helps.