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Different return values if running silent or not


I am running an MSI installation (which has some prerequisites) from my main Installscript installation, and i'm trying to catch possible errors with the prerequisites installation. I want to run it with the parameter "/qb" so that the installation starts without any questions, but shows a progress bar and a Cancel button.

What I found is that if I click on Cancel when the prerequisite is installing (.NET 2 in this case), and the installation aborted, the return value is always 0, as if it was completed succesfully.

I run it like this
nRetVal = LaunchAppAndWait(sPrereqPath, "/s /v/qb /v\"REBOOT=ReallySuppress\"", WAIT);
nvExitCode = LAAW_PARAMETERS.nLaunchResult;

and nvExitCode is 0 after canceling (I also tried GetExitCodeProcess and got the same result).

Just to test, I tried running from a batch file:
setup_prereq.exe /s /v"/qb"

and got the same result 0.

Lastly, I tried using "/qr" (reduced UI) instead of /qb, and now I got the error 1603! (ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE)

So it seems that the problem is with the silent installation. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? (maybe in the MSI project?)

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I am also facing the same issue.
Then after I tried to install prerequisites in silent mode using the "/s" command line argument.

Now the problem is, while user is installing the application in his/her machine then first prerequisite dialog will come to the screen. Now whenever he/she will press "Install" button in that dialog at that time prerequisites will get installed in silent mode.

But suppose now user press "cancel" button to exit the setup then also prerequisite is continue installation in silent mode.

And my requirement is to install them in silent mode only.

Do you have any idea how to prevent this thing..?

Thank you.:) 🙂
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