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Dialog template options are different in versions 2016 and 2019?

I have an Installshield 2016 project which I converted to a 2019 project. Now for my converted project in 2019 InstallShield if I try to create a new dialog box my template options are :

"Blank Dialog"
"Script Based Dialog"
"Skinnable Dialog"

Now if I create a brand new InstallShield project in InstallShield 2019, and then attempt to create a new dialog box, my options are listed below. As you can see they are mostly different than those template choices I have from my converted project? This is confusing to me. Especially since I want to use one of the existing Skins provided, but I don't know what dialog box choice from below to select if I want to use one of the dialog box skins provided by installShield

"Blank Dialog"
"Exterior Wizard Panel"
"Interior Wizard Panel"
"Logon Information Panel and Associated Child Dialogs"

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Hi @ralphster ,


 Looks like you have different project types here, the migrated (converted) one from IS 2016 is InstallScript project and the one you created is Basic MSI project. 

You can get more information from the below link:

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Hi Banna,


The orginal project I created in 2016 was an "InstallScript" project. When I converted it to InstallShield 2019 it looks like it is still an "InstallScript" project. (Is there anyway to validate this?)

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