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Level 2

Deactivation of InstallShield without old machine

we are using hyper-v virtual machine

do not reactive license after change host computer without uninstall installshield


how i can deactive license without old machine. 

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Hi @MTCom_KR ,

You have to contact Flexera support to deactivate the license from the old machine and activate in the new machine.

You can get the support details from the following links depending on your region:
Or you can also contact via mail,
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

If you still have access to old machine, you can return your license using one of the below mentioned steps.

1. From Help menu => 'About InstallShield' dialog
2. Running the command from cmd window: 'TSConfig.exe /return'
3. Uninstall InstallShield

If you do not have access to old machine, contact Flexera Support to return the license and activate again on your new machine. They will be able help you to unlock your license.

Or you can also contact via mail,

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