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DLL Update Logic


My first question is how a DLL is updated while patching ?

Whether its based on Date / Time stamp OR Version.

I have shipped three Dll's of version 8.0.0 with my product. Now i would like to create a patch. I am using patch design to create minor patch.

Now in patch i want to include only one Dll. This DLL has got version 8.1.0. Other Dll's have got version 8.0.0. Since these three Dll's have been created after main product is released they have later date and time stamp.

When i create the patch all three Dll's are included in the patch. Since this process is automatic i don't have control which Dll to include / not include.

In essence i need to ignore the date / time stamp of a Dll while being included in patch. Is this possible ?

I can accomplish this by creating a quick patch, but the quick patch is not uninstallable ( i have posted about this uninstallation problem in the forum...but no reply yet ! )


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Level 8

You will find your answer here:

For versioned files:
version is the most important thing

For non-versioned files:
Date-Time stamp is the most important parameter.
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