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Custom operations in "Basic MSI projects" dialogs

We are using 'Basic MSI projects' to create our installers. However, we are not able to perform some common operations with custom dialog boxes.
For example, we are not able to perform the following procedure during the installation:

1. Retrieve the value from an environment variable or registry entry (if exists) and store this value in a property.
2. A condition will use the above (of this property/registry entry) and will change the INSTALLLEVEL of a feature (if the user selects custom installation).
3. The user is able to select the feature, if it is deselected for installation and deselect the feature in case it is selected.
4. At the end of the installation the environment variable/ registry setting should be updated.

The above procedure should be executed in maintenance mode and also in major updates.
Is it possible to send us some instructions on how to accomplish the above in our installers.

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Level 4

For 1. above:
To add Registry entry to Property use Behavior and Logic > System Search

To add an environment variable value use Behavior and Logic > Custom Actions and Sequences > New Set Property > where Property Value is [%EnvironmentVariable].   e.g. [%USERDOMAIN]

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