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Custom Folder Icon


I just want to set a specific icon to a folder create by the installshield installer.

The folder where I want to set an icon is a folder create in the Shortcuts/Desktop.

I want to set the icon I created for our folder where all the shortcut of all our application are.

Thanks !!!


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Hi @steve_guerin ,


You can use AddFolderIcon function which can create folder with given icon as well shortcut.

The AddFolderIcon function lets you perform tasks such as the following:

  Create a shortcut or folder on the Start menu, the Programs menu, or the desktop. Use the szProgramFolder parameter to specify the appropriate location for the shortcut or folder.
  Create a cascading submenu on the Startup menu, and include a shortcut in the submenu.


Examples on how to  make use of this function you can find in the below link:




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