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Custom Dialog to set location of folder

Hello All,

I have an InstallShield 2019 Basic MSI project that I am creating. I need to have a custom dialog during installation that will ask the user for a data folder location (are there already built in dialogs that I can use?). This folder location will be where data files are saved by the app and must be used as an argument to pass into the exe when running. To do this, I plan to add the argument to the shortcut I create in the start menu and on desktop, so I need to set a path property according to the folder that the user selects. Does anyone know where there may be examples of how to do this in the actions of the custom dialogs?

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Re: Custom Dialog to set location of folder

Hi @althurm ,


DestinationFolder dialog which you could find under Dialogs view,might be the one you are looking for.

Link for more details:



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