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Custom Action to run As Admin


I have a Basic MSI project which includes a custom action that runs an Installscript code.
The script has to copy some external files somewhere early in the installation process (later installed services need them).
I set it to run After InstallFiles in Install Exec sequence.
I have to set the In-script Execution for CA as Immediate Execution, if not I cannot retrieve the SOURCEDIR path - where my external files are.

if I build a setup, everything goes well.
If I build only an MSI, the xCopy function in the script fails with 'Access is denied' when the target path is a restricted folder (like 'Program files...'.).
So, I presume that the script does not run with Admin privileges.

How can I force the script to run As Admin?
Do I have other solution?

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Have you set "Require Administrative Privileges" to yes in the "Summary Information Stream" of your MSI ?


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Only Deferred actions can run with Elevated (Administrative) Privileges. To retrieve the value of properties in deferred custom actions, you'll need to use the CustomActionData property to pass information to a deferred action.
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