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Custom Action Return Processing Propertry


Im using the installshield automation interface to create an installation package. I was able to create Custom action using the follwing line of code:

ISWiCustomAction MSIExecUnInstallCustomAction = iswiProject.AddCustomActio("MSIExec_Uninstall_" + buildFile.FileName);
// This action type value indicates "Launch Executable - "
MSIExecUnInstallCustomAction.ActionType = 2;

My problem is when I open the installshield project I see a property for "Return Processing" in the created custom action, which I want to set to "Synchronous (Ignore Exit Code)". But I cant find this property in the automation interface. For example according the code above, there is nothing like MSIExecUnInstallCustomAction.ReturnProcessing ! How can I set this value through the interface.
I appreciate any feedback from you.
Thanks alot
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Flexera Alumni

Please see the MSI help topic "CustomAction Table", and the topics it links to; the ActionType field is a value combining the basic action type (DLL, EXE, script, etc.) with the return processing, in-script execution, and other flags.
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Level 16

Unfortunatly MSI crams all this information into really nasty bitmasks and the ISWiCustomAction object doesn't do anyone a favor by providing additional properties with enum arguments to effect the ActionType.

The easiest way to get through your current problem ( without reading pages and pages of SDK material ) is to stub out the CA in a dummy project and then look at what IS tells you is the MSI Type #. Then use that in the ISWiCustomAction.ActionType property as Robert suggests.
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Level 4

Thanks Guys. Chris I appreciate the details you put there, that was really helpful.
Thanks again
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