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Custom Action - After setup comlpete launch an executable

I have Installshield LE that comes with Visual Studio 2010 Professional. I have created a simple install project that simply places the target executable into the Program files folders. This includes a driver installation executable that I need to run after our software is installed.

I can't seem to launch this driver installation executable through the custom action - after setup complete section. Attached are images of the project and my folders showing what I am trying to do. I am testing the install package on my PC with Windows 7. I believe I included an image in an attached file (ProjectSetup.png) correctly see image file showing my project setup. Any help is appreciated.

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Level 12

You may want to try enclosing the entire path in double quotes.
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Level 6

Are you getting an error code or message?

How do you know the driver install is not launching?

What version of the windows installer engine are you specifying for your setup?

Is the driver install also a setup.exe with an embedded MSI?

each of these scenarios can be overcome but the solution is different for each item.
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