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Creating automatic update, get warning 6487 needs .msi, but building a Setup.exe: What to do?

I am building a Basic MSI installer that creates an installation launcher (setup.exe). 

I am also creating an automatic update from a previous version of our software. When I build the installer, I get this warning message:

ISDEV : warning -6487: If you intend to distribute this upgrade as a patch, you should author the 'Patch Optimization' setting on the Advanced Settings panel of the Release Wizard.

When I go to the Advanced Settings panel of the Release Wizard, I assume the warning wants me to fill out the "Patch Optimization (optional" section. It wants me to select the previous package. However the problem is it only allows me to select an .MSI extension file. Since my installer is wrapped in an .exe, how do I properly set this up?


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