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Creating Upgrade project for existing software package.

We have newly purchased Installshield as Wise Install Builder is end of life. My question is this. We are in the process of releasing a version upgrade of a software package we sell. It was originally installed using the Wise program. My question is this. It there a way to create a InstallShield project that can used to update the files in a way that if the user were to run uninstall of the update it would roll back the older version files. I created a project that updated the files but when I uninstalled the update it simple removed the files that were changed and didn't replace them with the version prior to the upgade.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Once your product has been successfully updated using any update or a patch, then with InstallShield /Windows Installer uninstalling an update will remove all the files and not rollback to previous versions
Rollback will be done only when the installation was not successful.
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