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Creating MSI packages using Visual Studio 2010 with InstallShield LE


I was asked to create MSI package for application created in .NET framework 3.5. Requirement included license key validation and business rules. Shall I use Visual studio 2010 with InstallShield LE to develop MSI packages.

I am very new to crating MSI package. Package need to be created for the training application developed for the very larger organization having clients all over the world but in my project there is no technical people to guide me.

I understand lot of tools available in the market, I proposed Visual studio installer project 2010 (Visual studio 2010) since I am a .NET back ground. we can achieve creating MSI package using VS 2010 with incorporating the license key validation and business rules? . I am very much confusing for the tool selection.

Kindly help on this. It is very urgent, I have to confirm to my project management to purchase correct product license.

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

While you can accomplish your goal using the Limited Edition, it may be too limited to meet all of your business needs and you may want to look into one of the more fully featured editions.

Comparing InstallShield Features by Edition

*The Limited Edition is more limited than the Express Edition.

InstallShield Free Trials

Another benefit of a more fully featured edition would be access to technical support to assist with any build/installation errors that you may encounter as a new user.

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