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Create database for use other windows login Credentials.

Hello All,

I need a help of my below question. I am searching for long days, but since I have not solution received.

I am using InstallShield 2018

In my project on the time of installing installer it will creating database using  InstallShield SQL Script file as below 
USE master
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT name FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases WHERE ('[' + name + ']' = 'CUSTOMERDATABASE' OR name = 'CUSTOMERDATABASE'))
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is working fine and successfully can able to create database.

But my customer requested additional one more additional feature on this InstallShield:- 
1. For few customers currently installer running windows user does not have permission to create database. (restrict by them organization) 
2. Need to provide new field 'Username' & 'Password' text boxes in Install Shield dialog.
3. Customer can enter the other window login and password. This other user can have permission to create database. 
(Note: Common one windows login & password provided to that few customers)
4. Need to create database under for that other user and DBO rights should that other user name.

Below explained the real time scenario :-

Scenario explanation below:-
Customer login system using them own user name and password (Ex:User Name: System\User1).
Running InstallShield dialog should have 'UserName' & 'Password'
Enter Database user name Ex: System\DBAdmin
Enter Database password Ex: **********
Note: System\DBAdmin already added localhost SQL Login (Security -> Login) with Sysadmin permission.
Then successfully it should to create database for the login (System\DBAdmin)

Below should be expected after created database:-
1. Go to the SQL Sever Management Studio
2. Connect (local)\SQLExpress & Windows Authentication
3. Expand Databases -> CUSTOMERDATABASE should be created
4. Click CUSTOMERDATABASE and check below things:-
CUSTOMERDATABASE -> Security -> Users -> dbo -> General -> User type -> Windows User
CUSTOMERDATABASE -> Security -> Users -> dbo -> General -> Login name -> System\DBAdmin

Note: By default Database server name would be (local)\SQLExpress and Database name would be CUSTOMERDATABASE 

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @vasanthakumarmk ,


  • You can create custom dialog with UserName,Password text fields 
  • Associate those fields with properties
  • Retrieve those properties and use it to create database with windows credentials.
  • You will be able to get sample sql scripts on how to create database having username & password



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