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Couldn't open ise file with Installshield Visual Studio

We have a few ISE projects created in InstallShield 2018 Express edition. When I upgraded to InstallShield limited edition for Visual studio, it couldn't open the ise files. 

When I double click on the ise files it directed me to the InstallShield 2020 wizard (attached) and asked me to activate the InstallShield. When I activated it, it shown "successful activated" and went back to the same InstallShield wizard again.    

These files can still be opened from another machine with InstallShield 2018 Express installed (we have two licenses).

could you please help?

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Hi @jmaHexagon,

 .ise files are not supported in InstallShield limited edition for Visual studio, 

.ise file are supported in InstallShield Express and higher version.

Hope you are activating InstallShield 2020 with InstallShield 2020 express activation key. 

You can contact Revenera support to get faster help on activation related issues

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