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Configured - Update Windows applicationHost.config file

To all,
Well I have tried multiple things, including some posted example files and by using the modify XML file component inside InstallShield but I cannot get the changes made within the file. Our target systems are always 64Bit, I programmatically disable the Wow64 redirect since the file is in System32\inetsrv\config

The part of the file that I need to updatethe "allowed" to "true", is:

Anybody out there been able to do this?

Is this a limitation of installShield?

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I have an InstallScript setup which installs IIS if necessary, creates a web site, and modifies the applicationhost.config file (on either 32 bit or x64 target systems), using the XML file change support in the IDE. I implemented this several years ago and have updated InstallShield IDE several times since, currently using either 2012 Spring or 2013, so I do not expect the issue to be a limitation of InstallShield.

I am not sure what information to provide that would help out at this point. When I use the XML File change view in the IDE, I make a copy of the XML file that I am targeting in a 'test' folder and then use the built-in XML tool to test parsing the XML, prior to building a setup and testing on a target system. Is that test tool generating the correct results for you?
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