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Compressed Release and Support Files

What settings do I have to specify in the Release Wizard so that the files I've added to Disk1 in the Support Files view are compressed into Setup.exe? My component files are being compressed into the CAB files and into Setup.exe but the files I've added to Disk1 are not compressed. I prefer to have just Setup.exe on our CD for shipping. I've included 2 images to explain.

SupportFiles.bmp is a screen grab of the SupportFiles view in IS IDE.
Release.bmp is the build project...note that the files are not compressed into Setup.exe.

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Flexera Alumni


You need to move the Support Files from the Disk1 node to the 'Support Files' - 'Language Independent' node and then build a compressed setup.exe. This way you will just have a single file in your release folder.

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Level 16

That's correct but it isn't going to solve the real problem. Some of those files are other installs and moving them to SUPPORTFILES isn't going to eliminate the fact that what you really need are some setup prereqs to help you chain that all together.
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