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ClickOnce Assistant & .NET requirement

I am trying to figure out this clickonce thing. I made a simple assembly that just calls notepad on the target. The ClickOnce assistant requires .NET be installed. Everything builds fine but when I run it on the target it tries to download the .NET framework. Is it possible to set the source for the .NET requirement. My target does not have internet access and the intended targets may not either so it is my intent to package all .NET requirement in my app.
I am trying to run this on a base XP pro install that has no .NEt installed yet.
I selected the .NEt requirement in the requirements page. I even tried to create a pre-req for .NEt but that is giving an error about a download as well.
I want the ability to use the network install function and the update checking. Can I do this with the one-click installation project?

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Level 4

Ok. So I figured out that I can just use a basic MSI and tell it to build the internet release. I still however have the .NEt issue where the release wants to provide a web address to download the dotnetfx file instead of allowing me to include it in the project. My targets cannot be guaranteed to have external internet access and I need to be able to install these prerequisites.

Can someone tell me what my options are at this point?

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Level 17

What version of the .NET Framework do you require? The following help topic explains how to add a redistributable for the .NET Framework to your project:
Adding .NET Framework Redistributables to Projects

If you're using the prerequisite type of redistributable, for example, the following help topic explains how to specify the location of the prerequisite's files.
Specifying a Location for a Specific InstallShield Prerequisite
You'll want to make sure that the Download from Web option is not selected. Note that you can also override prerequisite locations at the release level. That help topic has some more information.

I hope that helps.
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