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Checkbox default value in suite dialogs

I have some checkboxes in a custom dialog, each of which is tied to a property which I intend to pass via command line to one of the packages.

When I tied each checkbox to a property, the box was immediately checked by default. I had defined some of the properties to be 0 and some 1 initially. I tried changing a property to "No", "False", and completely blanking it's value, and none of these seems to result in the checkbox being defaulted to unchecked.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the Enabled field, but this didn't seem to be the approach I should be taking here (my impression is this would disable the control completely rather than making it default to off if I put in a {Binding MyProperty!=1} or similar.

Since there is not yet much documentation on this, can someone please also mention what the associated property values will be changed to if the checkbox is toggled during installation (ie. 0/1, Yes/No, True/False).
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Right now the only way I'm certain will work follows what you see on the LicenseAgreement dialog's radio buttons: use property bindings of the format PropertyName==true and PropertyName==false. Set the property to one of those values in the property manager (or to a matching/mismatching value for a single checkbox), and all should be well.

Longer term I hope to see this become more like MSI where undefined is false and you could just specify a binding to PropertyName, but that sort of change is unlikely outside of a full release of InstallShield.
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I'm trying to do something similar and don't seem to be having much luck.

I have four check boxes which I want to use to allow the user to select the features he wants to install. What I want is to set the features actionState to install if the corresponding check box is selected.

So what I originally had was a check box like this:

Property: CheckOne
Action: {SetProperty FEATURE[featureA].actionState=install,CheckOne==true}{SetProperty FEATURE[featureB].actionState=,CheckOne==false}

This just doesn't work maybe I'm trying to do something impossible but I just don't know if that is the case because as far as I can tell there isn't any documentation (which is monumentally frustrating). Can anyone give me an example of how to get and use the value of a checkbox. Am I going to have to write my own "custom action" to get this task to work.
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Level 13

It took me a bit of wrangling to get the hang of it, but what you describe is certainly doable. Seems we have 2 different but related topics here. I will just post a bit to see if you still have a need to discuss. Send me a private message with email address if you want screen shots. They are a pain to post here (I can't upload an image without error tonight) and this site has a size limit on that stuff.

BrHartman - For the problem you describe, what you may want to do is set the desired default value of the property(s) as a 'Click Event'(s) on the previous screen. Something like this...
For the 'Value' enter install for those boxes you want checked and leave the value blank for those you want unchecked by default.

hayhurst - For what you describe, on the desired checkbox set
Content Property
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