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Level 5

Check windows user

I'm working on a InstallScript MSI project.
I going to make a dialog that asks for a windows user name and password.
How do I check if the user exists and that he is a member of the IIS_WPG group?
How do I check if he has read, write and delete permissions on a directory?
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Level 6

i think you have to take the help form programing language. useing the code you can validate the USID.

like c++,VC++,C#
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Level 5

We made a program in c# that takes the username and password as parameters and call it from InstallShield.

The program checks if the user is a valid windows user and saves the answer in a text file that we then read from InstallShield.

We then developed the program further so that we can check if the user is member of certain groups and if he has access to certain folders on the machine.
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