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Level 2

Changing the default installation of the program and issue with the fonts.


I wanted to use this product to package a game that I am creating. However, that saves on it's folder, and that will require UAC to save properly. I wanted to set the installer to install it on a diffrent folder (eg. C:\Games), but I can't find this. How do I set that?

Also, how do I prevent the installer installing / uninstalling fonts packed in with it? Every time somebody was going uninstall,
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


You can change the install location with the INSTALLDIR field in the General Information view.
There is a permanent option to prevent files from being uninstalled, but I do not believe it is available in limited edition.
You can try creating a custom action that copies the font file to the location you want rather than installing it will prevent it from being uninstalled by the installer.
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