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Level 10

Changing new component defaults

Is there any way to change the default behavior of the Component Wizard to create new components as not shared? I just had to add a couple hundred third-party dlls to a merge module. The Component Wizard was a great time-saver, until I still had to touch every single new component to turn off "Shared". I couldn't find any options in the Tools->Options wizard; is there a registry key or other setting I can change?

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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

Components in MSI projects are always created shared. Unfortunately, there aren't any ways to turn this off when creating new components. You could use the automation interface to iterate through a project's components and turn off the shared setting for each component.

Note that enhancement request IOC-000067659 was submitted requesting the ability to set component property default values.
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Level 3

Im stuck again too. So i do see when adding files by the wizard it creates them all as shared. Not a good idea for my project from what i see. It wont hurt anything but just want to do it the right way.

Also, when adding files/folders via the wizard i wish to have the wizard create a NEW component for each file or file type. How can I turn this feature on?

I know i can do this when repackaging in the options.ini file but how do i do this in the options of Install shield v 9.0.1??
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