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Change standard token for setup.exe


Currently, when installing our product with UAC on, using a protected Administrator account (not the built in "Administrator" account), the user must right click Setup.exe and select "Run as administrator". This is because the manifest in Setup.exe indicates that the default access token should be a standard token, and must be manually elevated through this extra step.

To eliminate this extra step we need to modfiy the embedded manifest of Setup.exe. In its manifest, the "requestedExecutionLevel" attribute is current set to "asInvoker" which tells Setup.exe to launch with a standard user token by default. If we change this value to "highestAvailable", Setup.exe will launch with an administrator token, thus eliminating the extra right-click step.
In Visual Studio projects, by default, "asInvoker" is the default value for this attribute, and its quite easy to change this value through project properties. However, I'm not sure how to change this for Setup.exe.

Could you please help?
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Re: Change standard token for setup.exe

This is applicable to InstallScript MSI Projects, point to Media, click Releases. Select the required release, and set the 'Required Execution Level" property.
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Re: Change standard token for setup.exe

This setting is also available in Basic MSI projects and in InstallScript projects.
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