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Change Preparing To Uninstall text while Uninstall Dialog


I am using the Installshield trial version. I am facing an issue while uninstalling the application the very first dialog box text shows Preparing To Install while I need to change the text to Preparing To UnInstall at the time of UnInstall.


Please help me with this issue.




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Level 4

Beyond that text, does it perform a removal of your product? It seems that it might not recognize that your product is installed. 

See the BEHAVIOR AND LOGIC->Custom Actions and Sequences section and look at the Sequences->Installation->User Interface sequences and find the 'InstallWelcome' and 'MaintenanceWelcome' sequences. When you click on them, there should be conditions associated with each. Look for conditions such as "Not Installed" on the InstallWelcome sequence and "Installed" on the MaintenanceWelcome sequences.

Only thing I can think of is that the InstallWelcome doesn't have the "Not Installed" condition so it is triggering even when you should be getting the Maintenance dialog to show up (repair, modify, remove dialog).

Good luck, this forum doesn't seem to be very well visited or monitored and the Installshield moderator is silent most times as well.

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I didn't find the 'InstallWelcome' and 'MaintenanceWelcome' in the User Interface sequences. So please suggest to me how to find it. 

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