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Challenge in introducing reboot prompt during install failure and rollback

Hi, we are facing issues with install failure and rollback which bring application to unstable state. With reboot done after failure and rollback, our application becomes stable. So to recommend user to do reboot, I am trying to reuse existing reboot prompt at end of install failure (Restart now or restart later message).

But in our installer , as ScheduleReboot is sequenced just after InstallFinalize , all the rollback actions between InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize are getting executed, but immediately after InstallFinalize all other actions are getting skipped(including ScheduleReboot).

Also tried using "OnExit=error" attribute (sequence with negative value), but as ScheduleReboot is already sequenced, I am unable to invoke it again, and also ScheduleReboot doesnt have support with OnExit.

Please suggest any workaround on introducing reboot prompt at end of install failure (after SetupCompleteError dialog displayed).


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