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Chained MSI - change install parameters

Hello, this is may first post on this forum so please be gentle.

I've recently come across the IsChainPackage table in a MSI we are trying to deploy (IBM Client Access 7.1) ...
I've searched the web trying to find out different things about the table.. and so far I still didn't find the info i've been looking for (table, table-columns description)

For my particular case we want to deploy the app totally silent, no UI, "/qn" equivalent. I can't seem to get to the UI in Installation Designer to be able to modify the install parameters of the chained-MSIs (think this is because it is already an msi), in an .ISM project i can see the "Releases" menu under "Media" and can change the install parameters.

My question:
Is there any way of modifying in the "IsChainPackage" table like in the "Option" column ... so the parent-MSI will pass different parameters (/qb! or /qn) to the chained-MSI??

Can any body point me in a direction to get my desired design?

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

[ Duplicate post; follow-up posted here ]
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