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Level 2

Chained MSI Package problems

I have an MSI created by another company which has been distributed to us as a setup.exe. I have tried everything other the sun to get this to install concurrently with my .msi with no luck.

If I can only install this as a chained MSI package, then how do I chain this setup.exe to my .msi installer? Even though the setup.exe takes MSI paramaters, it still has the .exe extension which isn't allowed to be chained in InstallShield.

Are there any work arounds at all to get this to install concurrently?

This is for use within our organization, and therefore will not be distributed out to the public.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

You could try performing an administrative install on the exe using the /a parameter to extract the msi, then use that in your chained install.
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