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Cannot retrieve a property value during minor upgrade

I have a package which does nothing but copies some files onto hard disk. I have created an Install Script custom action which displays a property value. In have set a value 1 for that property ins property tab. During fresh installation, installer is displaying the properly value but during minor upgrade the value is coming null.

I have written this code:
MessageBox("Test property: "+test, INFORMATION);
During fresh installation
Message box is diplaying this--> Test property: 1
During minor upgrade
Message box is diplaying this--> Test property:

Even if I try to get some already defined system property then also I am getting null.
MessageBox("ARPPRODUCTICON property: "+test, INFORMATION);
Message box is diplaying this--> ARPPRODUCTICON property:

Does anybody has some idea on this?
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Level 4

Are you building a minor upgrade using the same project or by creating a new project.

If you are creating a new project for the minor upgrade then you have to ensure that you include the property into the new project as the database tables do not remain the same for a new project.

Check if the value set for the property is being read by using a if condition.

Sample code

Assuming the value of TEST is set to 1



if(svABC !=svtest)

MessageBox("Test property: "+svtest, INFORMATION);

Ideally you should get a ARPPRODUCTICON.EXE value when the MessageBox("ARPPRODUCTICON property: "+test, INFORMATION); is executed.
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