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Cannot remove the program. Bug in InstallShield2010


there was a computer crash during installation of our software. Installation was made using InstallShield MSI. Now when I try to uninstall it I get error message: "InstallShield Wizard 1628 Failed to complete installation". When I am trying to run installation and select Repair option I am getting another error -1605. No single option work to either Modify, Repair or Uninstall.
Then I have removed our software manually. Deleted services, files and all registry entries related to our software.
Still InstallShield is not letting to Install/Uninstall/Repair/Modify. It is getting really annoying.
I think it is a BUG in InstallShield 2010. If it has an option to repair it should REPAIR or clean up.
Does anyone know what InstallShield registry entry to delete to fix the problem?

Thanks you
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I'm not sure what exactly happened in your system. Give the following step try. At least you will be able to re-install it.

1. Confirm your installer's Product code.

2. Use this tool

This will remove at least leftovers created by MSI part.

3. Remove the following cached folder.

C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\

4. Remove the following registry entry.


5. Then, try re-install the product.
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