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Cannot install fonts on target machine.

I'm trying to install new fonts on the destination machine, but it does not work, there is no warning or error when building the setup or when running it on the target machine.

These are the steps I am following to create a very simple installer: Everything is done in the "Project Assistant"

1. Open InstallShield 2012 Spring Edition.
2. New project : Basic MSI Project
3. Goto "Application Information": Fill in "company name", "application name", version, web address.
4. Goto "Application Files": right-click on "Destination Computer", select "Show Predefined Folder" and check [FontFolder]; right click in the file list area and select "Add..." and the 3 font files (ttf files) to the list.
5. Goto "Build Installation": Check "Single Executable" and click on "Build Installations"

Copy the resulting "setup.exe" to the destination computer (Windows 7) and run it.

The setup runs and completes without warning or error, and fonts are not installed. (also tried installing with the "Run As Administrator")

I'm probably missing something really obvious.

I checked in the "Installation Designer" if the Component created really contains the files and if the destination is really [FontsFolder] and that the component is associated with the feature; everything looks nice.

Any tips/hints?


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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Please try using the Component Wizard ( to add the fonts to your project.
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