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Can't install InstallShield 2019 Standalone on Windows 11

Hey -

We can't install InstallShield2019StandaloneBuild on a windows 11 computer with node-locked license. When choosing the license type to 'node-locked license' in the wizard and hitting 'next' the installer is freezing and not responding anymore.


Attached a screenshot and the log file,



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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

HI @msadeh,

 Could you please try in different win11 machines and verify it works or not, sometime machine environmental issues may cause this behavior.

Please make sure your machine has internet access and its working, so that the activation code will be validated.

Please reach out to the support team who will be able to help you with this activation or license issue - you can contact them directly via phone using number provided at this link: they will help you to solve this quickly.

Alternatively there is an online chat available (Need to activate Let's chat) which you can find in a clickable box image on the right hand side here


If you still face the same issue,  Could you please navigate to Get Support > Open New Case in the top menu and open a new case to track this issue if you would like to proceed with having this issue addressed?

That will allow us to best track this issue in order to best assist you.

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