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Level 8

Can't add a feature on Modify (change)

Basic MSI install.

I have 3 features. Core Files, Feature A and Feature B. My INSTALLLEVEL is 100 by default so that on a Custom install (_IsSetupTypeMin changed to Custom in the Property Manager) Features A & B have the big red X (don't install). This works.

If during the initial install, I say Feature A is installed it works. However, if I only install the Core Files then go to Modify (Change) and then say Feature A is installed NOTHING HAPPENS?!?!

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance for any help/direction/words of wisdom! 🙂
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Level 8

I got Feature A working properly (thanks to starting over and some assistance from tech support). It installs application for A and the common DLLs (shared by Feature B). However, on uninstall the common DLLs are left behind. Any reason why that is?

Also, based on the Feature... I have a self-extracting .EXE that is supposed to execute. But setting the condition to included INSTALLLEVEL=101 (Feature A) doesn't seem to work. The condition is always FALSE!

Thanks for your help.
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Level 8

I was able to get the self-extracting .EXE to execute only when feature A is installed by using &[FeatureName]=3 in my condition. So, in my case &FeatureA=3 was used.


Still don't know why the common DLLs are getting uninstalled/removed when Feature A is removed though.
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Level 5


did you put the common dlls inside components?
each dll in a separate component?
if true - are they marked a s shared components?
Or - are you using a merge module in order to install these common dlls?

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Level 8


Yes, I have the common DLLs in a single component that is (marked as shared) in both Feature A and Feature B.

Very limited (almost no) training in InstallShield so I am not sure about merge modules. Would this make it easier on me?

BTW, this wasn't a fresh .ISM file. I was taking an existing install and refactoring it to be feature-specific. Even though I separated the main .EXE for each feature into its own component it's almost like InstallShield still had it as part of the overall install in its noodle. Just what it appears like anyway.

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