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Can single license of InstallShield 2018 Premier be used in other computer in case of system crash?

My company has single quantity of InstallShield 2018 Premier Perpetual license. Its installed in a Windows Server which is being used for creating product builds.

In case if the server goes down with system crash and we need to change the server. Can I still use the same license key in other server to activate and use the Installshield.



Ashish T

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @ashish_thombre ,

If the license is of single quantity,it can be used in other machine only if the current machine's license is returned.In case of system crash you have to contact Flexera support to return it from backend.So that you can use it in new machine,contact them via




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Thanks Jenifer for prompt response.

One more question, How many times we can change the machine per license. Is there any limit?



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