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Can I use <IFX_PRODUCT_VERSION> in my Single Exe File Name?

Is there a way I can use the variable in my Single Exe File Name? I have several releases and each time I update, I would like the release exe's to reflect the version number, but I don't want to have to go through the hassle of renaming each release name manually. It would be really nice if I could update the version variable and have all the exe file names update automatically.

Any thoughts? (If it helps, I have an InstallScript project).


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Flexera Alumni

I'm not sure you can use an InstallScript variable, but if nothing else you can use the InstallShield Automation interface to coordinate the values; the ProductVersion property of the ISWiProject object should give you the version, and the SingleEXEFileName property of ISWiRelease should enable you to change the file name based on what you read.
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