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Calling Custom C# DLL over 600M using Installscript does not work

I am using Installshield2020 - Installscript.

I have created a large Custom C# DLL and am using the InstallScript function DotNetCoCreateObject. The DLL is over 600M and will be ~800M if we can find an answer to the size limitation we are experiencing. 

  set dotnetclassobj = DotNetCoCreateObject(dllPath, className, "");

When the DLL is smaller than 600M there is no issue setting  'dotnetclassobj' using DotNetCoCreateObject and calling the DLL. 

When the DLL is over 600M the code above sends me into my catch block with exit code: 0x80040707

We have tried the suggestion of increasing the size of the cab file listed here: 

This did not have any affect. It appears that the DLL is not contained in the cab file, since, when looking in the Disk 1 directory the custom DLL is listed. 
Currently in the Installshield project I have the custom DLL in the Support Files/Billboards under Disk1. 
Is there a size limitation I am hitting that is defined by the DotNetCoCreateObject function? Or is it an Installshield size limitation for DLL calls? 
We hope you can provide information on how to alter this size limitation to avoid rewriting our DLLs. 
Thank you!


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