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COM component self-extraction fails when destination folder is not same as executable


I'm trying to make a 64 bit COM server component Shared with files located in a common directory such as e.g COMMONFILES64. However, as soon as I set the destination folder to something else than the folder where the executable resides the self-extraction fails. The error message I get at the end of the installation process is: 

Self-Registration Error
The following files did not self-register or unregister:
1. C:\..\Common Files\myfile.dll
Error 0x0
2. ..

I can register the component files without problems by running regsvr32.

The component is set to 64-bit. The settings Options->Preferences are 'InstallShield Self-Registration table' and 'COM Extraction will occur during the build'.

Previously this component has been installed in the same directory as the executable (not Shared) and it has been working fine. I've tried different destination folders but without luck.

What could be the cause?



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