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Building an MSI with prerequites


I would like to build a software package with InstallShield 2018 R2 (Professional Editon), which should contain an already existing MSI package with additional changes. How can I best achieve this?

With the prerequisite-editor and redistributables I was able to achieve a gratifying result for me - but unfortunately I can only call the created package with a setup.exe (and not with an MSI-file)

Is there a way to use an MSI despite prerequisites? Or with InstallShield there is another possibility to include an existing installation program, for example, to subsequently incorporate a new configuration file.

Does anyone have an idea for me and can help me?

Best regards


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Flexera shunt

Re: Building an MSI with prerequites

The setup.exe is required to start the prerequisite before it starts the main MSI - so this may not be the best solution for you.

Take a look at Chained MSI's which will allow you to launch another MSI within your current MSI.

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