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Build Error 5008; 64-bit issue

When I add 64-bit package in the Installshield 2011 Express, I got error 5008.

This is content in the Installshield 2011 Express help file for error 5008:
Make sure the template of the Summary Stream contains a value of Intel64 or x64. To verify this, follow these steps:
2.1. Select the "General Information" view.
2.2. Go to the "Summary Information Stream" section.
2.3. In the "Template Summary" property, set the platform to Intel64 or x64.

But in the Installshield 2011 Express, I only see "General Information"/"Summary Information Stream". I did not see "Template Summary". Where is the "Template Summary"? I need setup for 64-bit.
Why the help content mentioned so many places I cannot find in Installshield 2011 Express?
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The Express edition of InstallShield doesn't support creating 64-bit installations.
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