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Build Docker Image


I have InstallShield 2019R3 Professional and I want to build a Docker image. There are a number of posts such as this one https://community.flexera.com/t5/InstallShield-Knowledge-Base/InstallShield-StandAlone-Build-with-Do...

that tell me how to do that. But I think these posts assume that I don't already have SAB installed. The machine on which I have Docker installed already has the SAB installed.

1. Is that sufficient?

2. Do I need to uninstall SAB and reinstall with this command line?

RUN InstallShield2019R3StandaloneBuild.exe /s /v"INSTALLLEVEL=101 SABCONTAINER=1 /qn"

 3. Can I use that machine build typical Basic MSI and Docker using the same SAB?


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