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Best practices to create a one InstallScript MSI Installer for many different products?

I'm a complete beginner to Install shield and looking for some guidance here.

Currently,  in our project, we need to support several products(for different customers) that may differ in certain aspects but has many common elements. However, my team long back had decided to  create install shield installer(InstallScript MSI) for every single product instead of a generic solution and overtime as number of customers increased, this has caused overhead for us to keep repeating the monotonous task of cloning the existing installer and changing some config whenever we need to create installer for new products. So, now I'm working on to redesign to create a unified installer for all products and make it to be configurable to their specific needs all in one install shield project.

Along the way, we have few batch files/PowerShell/Perl scripts to copy NuGet packages, defines which version of files needs to be picked etc. Currently, we also maintain a .csv file for each product that has big list of assembly files and  version that needs to be picked. These version can vary from product to product. 

I want to start with working on designing one unified solution to create the installer and I would appreciate any guidance on this. We are using Install shield 2016.

Note: I have been reading Revenera documentation but getting lost in between my current design vs suggestions in it. Any pointers will be highly appreciated.

Thanks much

@Revenera_Ian @shunt @varul 

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