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Level 5

Best practice for unregistering old DLL/OCX files

I am recreating an installer and the old version was not written properly, it removed all evidence of the installed package from the registry, I don't know why. So there is no way for me to call to have it Uninstall first like you'd normally do.
So as part of the new one I need to remove the old files/folder and one of the files is an Activex control and I would like to Unregister it first. The new installer is an MSI so is the best practice here to just do a custom action to regsvr32? That didn't seem like the best way which is why I'm asking here and I didn't see a way from InstallScript, as a custom action, to unregister dll/ocx files either.
I am going to be recreating several other installers here as well so in case I run into this again I'd like to use the correct/best method to do this.

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Level 9

Yes if you are trying to remove or unregister old files as part of your new installer, then a custom action is the only best way by calling to regsvr32
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