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Best Registry Settings - Installing Multiple Times - Registry Entries Staying

So I am working on this installer for my company that is typically ran multiple times on a single machine.

If I install once, then un-install, the registry entries I have go away.

However, if I install multiple times, and then un-install, then the registry entries are not going away until the final uninstall.

Is there a way to tie registry entries to the individual installation so this does not happen?
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Without looking at your .ism file I'm going to guess you have sharing enabled on your registry entry component.

Load your ISM and in the Installation Designer, under Organization> Components find the component responsible for creating your entries and highlight it. In the components pane on the far right, under the General list you see "Shared" set it to "No". But - if you have more than registry entries hung off this one component you may have an issue, and should consider adding components just to handle the registry entries at that point.

Each time you install your app, you tell the local MSI that this entry is used by n number of apps. When you uninstall that one time - you're just telling the MSI to decrement, so it thinks there's n-1 apps still installed that need that registry entry to exist. So if you install 3 times, try uninstalling 3 times and on that last uninstall the registry should clear.
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Thanks jmallon.

I checked that and the registry settings are in a component called "ISRegistryComponent3" and shairing is set to No.

But it still seems to do it.

And if I uninstall 3 times, it only seems to remove 1 of the sets of registry settings.

But I have moved on as I don't view this as a huge deal. We rarely have to run this thing more than once. It does happen, but very rare.
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