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Best Practice for upgrading a 32-bit installation to 64-bit

I am having issues performing a major upgrade on a 64-bit OS (Windows 2008) from my old version (created using InstallShield 8.2 Developer) which is mainly 32-bit to a 64-bit install (using InstallShield 2010 Premier). On 32bit systems I have no issue upgrading the IS8.2 build to the IS2010 build, but on 64-bit Windows the existing installation is not detected (Upgrade codes are the same, product code is different).

I have read (here) that there are some issues with performing upgrades on 64-bit OS from previous IS versions so that is an issue in and of itself. However, since installations paths are different ("Program Files" vs. "Program Files (x86)") I believe the best thing to do is to install to a new folder as well. What's the best practice for migrating an application from 32-bit to 64-bit from an installer point-of-view?
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Try to create 2 components, one for 32bit and another for 64bit with the same component ID.
Then define "Reevaluate condition = true" and Condition = "VersionNT64>500" for 64bit and "VersionNT>500" for 32 bit
This should uninstall old 32bit component and install new 64 bit component at update time.
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