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Batch Commands After Install | Bundling other software/executables


So I'm trying to accomplish the following in an InstallScript project:

1. Run batch scripts after installation of main files to finish setup.

2. Make my application run at startup.

3. Include 3rd party software to be installed after the installation of main files. This 3rd party software is in the msi format and should be bundled with the project.

Can anyone give some guidance on how to accomplish this? I've been looking at the documentation of InstallShield 2016 and playing around with the software but I don't see myself getting anywhere.
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Level 13

1. Take a look at the Releases view. In there you can specify a Postbuild Event. Or do a Suite installer that would give you more flexibility... maybe the right choice to accommodate #3.
3. Take a look at using a Suite project to install your InstallScript project, run bat files and install 3rd party stuff.
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