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Basic MSI - need help with Upgrade setup

Can I even do this with IS 2011???????

I have searched and looked over similar postings to mine but I am still not able to get what I'm hoping to achieve so my apologies for a repeat post on upgrades/downgrades.

I have a basic msi project and I am wanting to allow downgrade and upgrade.
Upgrading is working fine but I cannot get downgrading to work.

I have removed the ISPreventDowngrade upgrade item and I've disabled the custom action.
I've added a Upgrade item and have it set to Any Earlier Version and have tried it as Detect Only Yes and No.

One posting I had read mentioned having two Upgrade items, one for downgrade and one for upgrade but it did not specifiy how to set that up.

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Level 5

I finally found a solution that gives me the behavior I was looking for an wanted to post here in case someone needs this in the furture.

To have a Basic MSI, no Setup.exe wrappers, do an Upgrade and also allow a Downgrade required me to do the following steps. Some of these are posted elsewhere but bits and pieces were left out which is why I couldn't get it to work initially.

First remove the Upgrade item for IsPreventDowngrade, I only removed this and did not remove the Custom Action - actually when I did try to remove that IS kept adding it back. Next I created a Major Upgrade item and set it to the following:
Min. Ver -
Include Min Ver. - yes
Max Ver - (version of installer) or ***ALL_VERSIONS***
Include Max Ver. - Yes
Detect only - no
migrate feature states - no

Then whenever I need to build I bump the Product Code always leaving the Upgrade code.
With these settings it always acts as a Major Upgrade even when I"m downgrading.
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Level 3

I tried your solution but I am unable to produce the expected result i.e. downgarde. So can you please explain the process again?

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