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Flexera beginner

Basic MSI Setup: Setup is too impatient when trying to close runnin applications


My current basic MSI setup has to close some applications before it can update a current installation. The said applications are Windows Servicea which sometimes take a while to shut down, unfortunately this makes the setup think it failed to close the processes which is usually not true. In that case the user is asked to close the applications manually before proceeding with the installation, but until the service panel or TaskManager is opened by the user the services are usually already shut down.

I've attached two screen shots (although they are from a German system you should be familiar with these)

I think there is somekind of timeout that is too short. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?


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Flexera beginner

Re: Basic MSI Setup: Setup is too impatient when trying to close runnin applications

No answers?

Ok then I'll have to answer it myself: According to flexera customer support there is no way to influence the said process when killing processes that use files from the setup. In my case the processes that needed to be stopped are services so I was able to stop the services before the MSI setup checks for FilesInUse.

It took me a while to figure out which is the correct 'Install Exec Sequence' for my Custom Action:

The check for files in user is in InstallValidate, so you have to pick something earlier for your Custom Action. I decided for the direct predecessor action 'After Set ODBC Folders' an I've set the execution type to 'Immediate Execution'. In the said Custom Action I just call a little helper program of mine which shuts the service down.

Seems to work so far..


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