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Level 5

Banner at the top of dialogs is now grey? Use to be white?

For each dialog in my InstallShield 2016  InstallScript project I have the white banner at the top with the InstallShield graphic over to the top right corner of the dialog. You know the banner is white and blue with arrow heads, and the label has a peeled back look. So all of the sudden my dialog banners are a grey color instead of white. If I use a standard dialog like "sdAskDestPath" the dialog banner is white. So how can I get the banner in all of my dialog boxes to be a white color? 

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Make sure 'Text' property for your banner control on custom dialog  point to "@@10552;200"




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Thanks, also I had removed text controls 50  and 51. Once I put those back the white color came back.

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