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Avoid Removing Shared Files

I have two MSI projects for two different product. There are three DLLs file need to be shared among these two projects and must be installed into same location. For example, Product A will install the files in C:\Program Files\CompanyName\ProductName\Shared. When user installs Product B, the files will be installed into same folder.

Now I have problem where when one of the product is being removed, the shared files are being removed too. Isn't InstallShield will check if the files are sharing by another product, then it will not remove those files?

Please help me if someone could share some idea on this case.
Thanks in advance. 🙂
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Flexera Alumni


The better approach would be to create a merge module for the 3 common dll files. And then include the merge module in the MSI projects. Also make sure that the component's shared attribute is set to yes.

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